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Bahr – Serenity Şarkı Sözleri

They came with the torches to burn down her home.
Her people, her family discarded her so easily.
“It’s blasphemy!” “It’s blasphemy!” said the elderly.
The vicious crowd, slobberingly took her away from her baby.

She was lonely. She was scared. She was me.

The one with most sins threw the first stone.
They were cheering hysterically; prayin’ good for sympathy
Only a bastard and a whore, secretly weeping for this horror
Then the lusters left tenderly, her hands touched Serenity.

She was lonely. She was scared. She was me.
She was Sunlight. She was Stardust. She was Free.

In the town of denial he was looking for love.
Then he found that boy, it was an absolute joy.
Yet the tattlers and the vultures were offended for their cultures
So, the boy said “Go away!” Left him by the highway
He was lonely. He was Scared. He was Me.
In the night, in the streets, in the clubs of misfits,
He asked for Vitality, sickened by the apathy.
One day, whiskey in the one hand, naked in the bath tub.
Lusters left tenderly, his hands touched Serenity.

He was lonely. He was scared. He was me.
He was Sunlight. He was Stardust. He was Free.

They were marching the mountains with empty flags.
They fought for the Liberty, Justice and Equality.
Though the TV and the State were showing them like they were Snakes.
They were captured in a Blind Alley, Surrendered to Tyranny.

They were lonely. They were scared. They were me.

Waiting the Hangman behind cruel Bars.
They were blooming in Poetry, Stronger with the Modesty.
When the warden called their Names they were holding Hands to Hands.
Then the lusters left tenderly, Their hands touched Serenity

They were lonely. They were scared. They were me.
They were Sunlight. They were Stardust. They were Free.

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