Şarkı Sözleri

Britney Spears – Swimming In The Stars Şarkı Sözleri

Dream me to life
Write our names in the pillowed skies
We could meet in our minds
If our days count us out of time

And we’ll stay alive
In seas of city lights
Where you and I collide

So let’s go
Swimming in the stars tonight
Oh, and we’ll glow
And shimmer in the diamond lights

We’ll dive in
Head first, all the way down,
in gravity’s arms we’ll drown
The world is ours
When we’re swimming in the stars

Keep me in reach
Hold your breath ’til we’re in too deep
Where thе sun’s out of heat
We’re awakе in the deepest sleep

What if we could float here forever
In these Gemini dreams together
Would you let me take your breath right now
If I promise that I’ll never breathe out

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