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Ece Ekren ft. Kim Nain – Turn The Lights On Şarkı Sözleri

Everyone’s on fire
I feel it in the air
All around me
What is this? I’m scared
Gotta let it go
Let down my hair

All my life
I’ve been caged
Time for me to go free
It’s the right solution
To reach my destiny

Now you know,
So get ya hands up
Turn It on
And get ya hands up

Backed in a corner
Come Bruk the border
You make the orders yeah
(Turn the lights on)
And when you see me
You Want to be me
So turn it on oh yeah
(Turn the lights on)
Got everybody feeling nice
Don’t stop this music, play it twice
Cause here we really living life
Would you..
(Turn the lights on)

Hotter than pepper
Why hold me back when you know say me betta’
Than everybody else
bad Like bad weather
A me bring the style
And I’m so rude

All da man dem in da dance never seen a girl like me before
Dem scratch dem head like who am I?
They want me to adore
Cause a me a the one
On da block
Jus a clock
My waistline for da deejay
They want me to stay
Dem a pay fi a pull up
They Wanna see a replay

(Everybody on the dance floor gettin’ what they like)
(We party whole weekend, we party day & night)
(Now with my eyes open I see I’m finally free)
(Everyone’s a blur around me look what you have done to me)

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