Şarkı Sözleri

Evanescence – Yeah Right Şarkı Sözleri

I’m the widow
On the tip-tippy-toppy of the highest high or low
And I’m the shadow
Of the first little flower on the brightest patch of snow

Happiness can be hard to find
I’m so slapped silly
Happy everybody wants to take mine

Yeah, right
That sounds nice
Everything we ever wanted
I know I someday
Will get paid
More than it was worth to sell our souls
Yeah, right

Yeah, I’m a rock star
I’m the crew resurrected, just as messed up as before
Twist the knife hard
Just makes it easier to tell you I don’t need you anymore (Oh)

Life’s a game to lose the word
I’m reaching on your level
But I’m not giving a fight

Tell me, how is the real world treating you?
Is that my fault too?
My one mistake was giving more and more

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