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Post Malone ft. Future, Halsey – Die For Me Şarkı Sözleri

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Yeah, you’d die for me
Said you’d die, said you’d die
But you lied, you lied to me

Said you’d take a bullet, told me you would die for me
I had a really bad feeling you’d been lying to me
We were on the low, but you were getting high with me
When it’s past 11, that’s a different side I see
Said you’d die for me
But you lied to me

It was love at first sight, felt like you were chosen
But that blood in your veins, yeah, I know it’s frozen (It’s so cold)
Got no patience no more (No)
Been waitin’ too long (Yeah)
You hid that shit away and I was the last one to know, b*tch
I heard you comin’ in, I was lyin’ there awake
Didn’t know that it was you, got the gun right out the safe (Damn)
Remember when you got my ass arrested (Wow)
At least when I was in jail, I got some rest in (Yeah)

Ooh, I surrender, time to forget ya
I’m too tired to forgive ya, it’s too hard on my liver
And you know it’s all over now
All your friends, you know they sold you out


It was a VIP, happened to be one of my best nights
9 AM, I came from out the club, it was daylight
Got a bad girl, I was treating her too nice
Caught you being vulnerable, that ain’t what I need
You just sold your soul, girl, quit crying (Sold your soul)
Your passport, it looks like you lying (Know you cold)
You broken down by your past, don’t deny it (You know I know)
Your ex called, you was vulnerable, you flying, nah (Flying)
Wasn’t on the best of terms, girl, I was trying (I was trying on ya)
I did everything to reach out to you (I was reaching out)
Said you never had me caught up in no drama
I done ran into my karma (I done ran)


Settle down, I’ll spell it out, it’s simple enough
I came around, I figured out, should follow my gut
I don’t play anymore, I went through your phone
And called the girls in your DMs and took all them home
And I know it’s been a while since the last time you heard from me
Grew into a savage and that’s why they gave this verse to me
Turns out it shows ’cause they turn out at shows
I sold 15 million copies of a break-up note
Brought some strangers in our beds
And now you lost your right to privacy
Spilling all our secrets
When you thought they’d probably die with me
Know you f*cking love it on the low
And you don’t have to say I’m crazy
‘Cause I know nothing’s changed though

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