Şarkı Sözleri

ROSÉ – Gone Şarkı Sözleri

I thought that you’d remember, but it seems that you forgot
It’s hard for me to blame you when you were already lost
Oh, yeah
I’m tired of always waiting
Oh, yeah, yeah
I see you changed your number, that’s why you don’t get my calls
I gave you all of me, now you don’t wanna be involved
Oh, yeah, yeah
I really gotta face it
Oh, yeah, yeah

I just wanna be the one
But to you we’re already done
Tell me, why’d you have to hit and run me?
Now I’m all alone, cryin’ ugly
You broke my heart just for fun
Took my love and just left me numb
Now it’s eight in the morning
Hate in the morning (All because of you)

Am I the story that’s sad and true?
I can feel the pain, can you?
You had to be the one to let me down, to color me blue
Hate to see you with someone new
I’ll put a curse on her and you
Ain’t no looking back, now you’re dead and gone
My love is gone too

All my love is gone
Now you’re dead and gone

All my love is gone and the hate is gone
I’m standing all alone
And I’m searching for something
But I can’t feel nothing
I’ve packed my bags and go on
This don’t feel like home
Too much on this small rainbow, I feel so used
How am I supposed to live without you? I refuse (yeah)

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