Şarkı Sözleri

Serel – Daddy’s Gone Şarkı Sözleri

Death came in to our lives, stood right by our side
Daddy’s gone now, momma’s sad, you’ll stay forever young
Yeah we know how to act but we gon fight another round
Take a path out where we’re from, cos we ain’t going back to that life

We are the new generation, the children of the sun
We obey the rules that are written in our hearts
We don’t go to school, just keep travelling around
You know that we look so strong, but inside we’re breaking down

Come on, pappa, you should come back home
Your girls have been staying strong for far too long
Momma and me, we’re out alone
We don’t need a man but we need you
So pappa, I’m begging you just come back home
Come back home

Yeah we lived through hard times, I almost lost my mind
But your memory helped me out, I’ve got what it takes to survive

I don’t believe in desperation, such a waste of time
I obey the rules that are written in my heart
No more looking back, I got my feet on solid ground
I’m trying to be so strong but sometimes I still break down

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