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Zara Larsson ft. Young Thug – Talk About Love Şarkı Sözleri

Patience is a virtue
I ain’t trying to hurt you
I need you to read between the lines
Call me out and it’s not fair
Told you I don’t wanna go there
Swear that I can taste it, all your expectations
Rising up, but push them to the side
You know I’m down to go anywhere
But I told you I don’t wanna go there

I think you feel good, yeah
Think you’re so sweet
But, you’re taking this all too seriously
You can get close, where I won’t bite
Baby, look into my eyes

I don’t wanna talk about love
I just wanna keep us right here in the moment
Why you gotta go get lost in emotion
I don’t wanna talk about love
I can make your dreams come true overnight, yeah

I’ll do anything that you like, but I won’t
Talk about love

I don’t wanna talk about love
I don’t got time to be lying like a rug
High and tight like Kawasaki I ride it ride it
And I’m coming baby put your hand in my pocket
I ain’t got time to be lying like no doorway
Shawty persuade she try to grab me I might run away
Can you please tell me I’m in control today
Sugarcoat today, icy like the Eiffel tower babe
Why you wanna talk about it all the time
Keep it up over there, you gon be mine
I see the way you vibin, keep me hypnotizing
Diamonds loud like sirens

Cause love always blows up in your face
Always goes south in the worst ways
Right now I’m not in that head space
And this ain’t the time or place to bring it up to me
Cause honestly I’ll walk away

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